The Polygraph Explained 

A fear of detection of deception or rather being caught out in a lie, is stressful to a guilty person. This fear,driven by the autonomic nervous system, causes involuntary physiological changes to occur within the human body. The polygraph instrument measures these physiological changes and records these variations on a chart (polygram). This chart clearly defines the degree of internal fear experienced by a person, when presented with questions during an examination. A guilty person will exhibit stronger fear responses than an innocent examinee. The examination is then repeated, a minimum of 3 times, to ensure accuracy.

The polygraph charts are then carefully scored, using approved chart scoring methods to arrive at a decision. A polygraph decision may be either of the following:
  • Deception Indicated       
  • No Deception Indicated  
  • Inconclusive                  

Only use the services of competent, qualified and registered polygraph examiners, trained at an APA accredited facility

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All our examinations are conducted with the utmost discretion and strictest confidentiality. We will not divulge any information of any examination, to any person, without express permission from our client.
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